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You deserve the best. From your iPhone to designer shoes, your belongings reveal your sophistication and class. And friends and family notice your fine taste—your style demands respect. So why can’t your shower do the same?
Aquas offers Swiss designed showers unlike anything you’ve experienced. Innovative, classy and cool, our products are crafted with care and provide the soothing, refreshing shower you desire. Experience Aquas. Experience the spirit of shower.

Electric Shower

Immerse yourself in warm, soothing water with Aquas’ all-in-one shower and water heater.

Hand Showers

Modern, durable and vibrant. Our showerheads offer a mix of quality products with sleek design.

Showers Heads

Feel as though you’re showering under a waterfall with the X Jet shower’s cascade spray.

Showers System

Aquas’ stylish shower columns infuse water with air to deliver a powerful, yet soft, sensation.

X Jet Show

Aquas’ stylish shower columns infuse water with air to deliver a powerful, yet soft, sensation.

Message from the CEO

Life is full of wonder. Full of surprises, mystery and beauty. These are the forces that drive us as human beings. They inspire us to get up every morning, and they change the way we look at the world. These are the qualities I’ve always wanted to infuse in a product. For me that product is a shower.

The best shower of my life took place under a waterfall in my home country of Switzerland. As the clean, refreshing cascade washed over me, it revitalized my spirit. I felt so alive. So in touch with the spirit of life. So I asked myself, “How can I capture this experience? How can I infuse the wonder of a waterfall into a shower?” From these questions, the idea of Aquas showers was born.

Creating inspiring shower products is what Aquas is all about. We want to produce an experience like no other, and the X Jet shower does just this. It captures the the spirit of the waterfall and infuses it into your home shower.

As I’m sure you can tell, innovation is of prime importance to us. Our vision is to create products that are perfect blend of beautiful aesthetics and flawless functionality. Products with not only superior features, but also breathtaking design, better sprays and more comfort. That is my personal mission. I want you to experience the spirit of shower for yourself, and our products are designed to do just that.

Stefan Nikles
CEO, Aquas

Stefan Nikles

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Aquas products offer a one of a kind shower experience. Our cascade spray technology and all-in-one shower and water heater can’t be found anywhere else.

Swiss designed

With Aquas showers, you’ll experience the fresh, clean and calm sensations of Switzerland. We offer you the most innovative Swiss designed showers money can buy.


Created by Swiss designers with 25 years of shower innovation experience, Aquas showers are European quality—and guaranteed to last you for years.


Only your most personal friends see your shower. So why not impress them with the most beautiful, stunning shower you can buy?

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